The blockchain can represent potentially a silver bullet with regard to many long-standing security vulnerabilities in modern IT architecuture, including Internet of Things and identity management.

Our team has penned widely recognized thought leadership in this space and has the implementation team capable of implementing solutions on in-market blockchains.

Most people look at blockchain as cryptocurrency, an extension of bitcoin, and identify it strictly with a revolution in FinTech.

What many fail to realize is that as disruptive as cloud was to traditional enterprise IT architectures, so blockchain has the potential to disrupt the cloud with technologies like Ethereum or Hyperledger.

Our team  of blockchain enthusiasts have architected and help implement a variety of blockchain-cloud based solutions.

From big FinTech and Enterprise players IBM, Santander, Goldman Sachs, Pivotal Labs, and Deutche Bank down to Silicon Valley investors like Boost, IDG, Lightspeed Ventures, and Andreeson Horowitz, everyone has a blockchain strategy.

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 6

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 6

Doctor Bitcoin is back from the holidays and ready to share his tips on how to develop a mindset that thinks crypto first, as well as how a Smart Contract supply chain works and how to diversify your Portfolio.

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 5

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 5

This week, Doctor Bitcoin covers some of the most frequently asked questions about cryptocurrencies, and the questions you SHOULD be asking instead.

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 4

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 4

This week on Ask Doctor Bitcoin, we look at the difference between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake and how it relates to securing a blockchain.

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 2

Ask Doctor Bitcoin Episode 2

This week on Doctor Bitcoin: we cover the rise of Bitcoin, talk about Turing-complete blockchains, and learn how to purchase cryptocurrency from the right place.

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