FUEL Editorial System

The Task

At the inception of Roger Wilco, we already had a number of high profile marketing and journalism clients who needed to apply our ability to scale writing tasks on demand. Our pilot client in this space was LaunchDFW, who needed to tap into the established procedural expertise of an at-scale publishing operation, whilst doing so at the budget scale of a regional startup publication.

Our Solution

Our team has worked with and helped scale several publications from 0-100 writers and contributors, including Mashable, Techcrunch, SiliconANGLE, TheCUBE, Rant Radio, and Blip Media. Over the years, we’ve gotten scaling media down to a paint-by-the-numbers operation.

We took all this expertise and productized it into something called FUEL. LaunchDFW was the pilot client and several other local, national and international clients use FUEL in their content pipeline on a daily basis.

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