The Task

Ignite Talks is a national speaking series platform with the same format: 14 speakers. 5 minutes per speaker. 20 slides each. 15 seconds per slide. Auto-advancing. It’s up to the community to bring the variety and showcase their passionate personalities. The Ignite speaker series was brought to DFW in 2015 and was established as a quarterly event to inspire community members to celebrate, talk about, and live their inner geeky passions.


Our job was to capture the event series in blog, photography and video form for posterity.

Our Solution

We applied the journalistic methods we’ve honed for close to a decade for live capturing and editing the event, along with live blogging and event photography, to come up with a less-than-24 hour turnaround mixed-media stream of the event. All our work was published on our internal channels in raw form as well as a curated form for area startup publication LaunchDFW.

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