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The Task

The creator of Laser Tag, George Carter, was planning a comeback. He’d taken a decade off after he wound down his involvement in Photo (the proto-game known as Laser Tag today) to enjoy his family, but now was coming out of retirement to debut his modernization of the old classic, Tzuum. Tzuum was an app and a custom pistol-grip carrying case for the iPhone which took Photon out of the arena and into the real world using augmented reality.

Our Solution

Tasked with the comeback of a legend, our team laid the groundwork of re-establishing an online identity for George, pulling together all his past accomplishments and showcasing it across blogs, social media, Wikipedia, the press and more. This involved a full-court-press from our creative team in establishing brands for both the game and George personally, as well as generating media collateral to fill in the gaps between the press we won for him both locally and nationally. The campaign successfully ended for us when we helped support his Kickstarter campaign, which officially launched the project.

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