Xclaim Mobile

The Task

Xclaim Mobile provides a unique geo-tagged advertising solution for brick-and-mortar merchants, and as they rapidly scale their customers, they required assistance in creating landing pages for customers of their clients who weren’t in the buisness of building their own offer pages.

Our Solution

In a set of quick turnaround solutions, we created some fake customer landing pages on a scaleable architecture as well as a WYSIWYG system for duplication and customization of these landing pages, so that a non-technical staff would be to create and iterate on customer design demands.

Later, we were tasked with rebuilding their existing site to be more user-friendly (as well as mobile-friendly) and include an easy-to-maintain corporate blog in time for SXSW 2017. We completed the site with time to spare, even including site update training.

Soon, we will begin work on a complete visual rebrand of the company.

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