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Wilco Group is what happens when you combine technologists, cypherpunks, journalists, analysts and legal expertise. We’ve been on the forefront at every major technology shift, including the rise of New Media, the emergence of digital video distribution, the dawn of Big Data and AI, and the increasing dominance of blockchain.

Not only are we highly knowledgeable about that new technology you just heard about, we’ve probably been passionate and avid users of it! We’re the kind of early adopters that compulsively try new tools, but not the kind of early adopter that insists upon using new tools for the sake of using new tools.

Our position is that a rising tide lifts all boats. Our go to phase is “How can I help?” Whether that means simply pointing you to the right people in the right industry to bring you where you need to go, or managing your process soup to nuts, we’re happy to be of service.



Our bread and butter is coming up with innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our client base. The biggest danger for any successful business in the modern age is being disrupted by an upstart. We help you disrupt yourself without killing your business.

Full ICO Management

Our consulting group has been working with startups in and out of the blockchain space with token sales before the term “ICO” was in the common vernacular. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, what’s legal, and what’s been deemed best practices as it has evolved since the genesis of this business activity.


Cognitive technology is the term we prefer for what’s commonly called “AI.” In general, AI is a Hollywood term that implies sentient machinery doing human work. We feel that AI is a bit of an overzealous thing to call what we currently have as state of the art, but that shouldn’t diminish what achievements can be accomplished in workflow automation with cognitive tech.

Fractional C-suite

A fractional C-suite is the perfect solution to help navigate issues that might pop up during the development of a product or service, and it’s great if you only need an executive once or twice a week and not every day.

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We’re doubling down on Cognitive.

We've been busy this quarter. Those following our adventures at the Wilco Group Agency will know we are working with our friends at Robokind as well as with IBM’s Watson on an exciting, cutting-edge integration. Through our professional relationships and our breadth...

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How to Securely Liquidate Your Bitcoin Cash

How to Securely Liquidate Your Bitcoin Cash

The Wilco Group Agency has issued a report titled How to Obtain & Convert Your “Bitcoin Cash”, commissioned by bitqyck, Inc, which reveals that there is “an overbearing elephant in the room of this amazing technology called Bitcoin: ridiculously long transaction...

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