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Meet WilCoin

Wilco Group has been at the forefront of the blockchain movement going back to 2011. Moreover, we’re an organization consisting primarily of technologists who deeply grok the media and analyst business. As we searched for help for our client base throughout 2017 and 2018 in the analyst sector, we were unable to find the right match between cutting-edge blockchain and AI companies and well-thought-out qualified research from the well-known firms.

Starting in 2019, we’re going to be dogfooding blockchain technology even further, using a utility token to meter access to our research and services. This means you can pay for what you use, and if you have a remainder left over from your retainer, you can even sell it on the open market. 

It’s that simple: each Wilcoin token licenses you to utilize $1 worth of Wilco Group’s services.

ICO Details

Token Issuance Details

Presale Numbers
Hard Cap$6,750,000
Total Tokens12,000,000
Available for Sale100%12,000,000
Price per Token at Crowdsale$1.00
Company Reserve25%3,000,000$3,000,000
Traunche 121%2,500,000$500,000
Traunche 20%
Available Crowdsale50%6,000,000$6,000,000
Market Cap$12,000,000
Total Raised$6,750,000

Crowdsale Pre-ICO Details

Coins:9,000,000Per Price:$1.00
Offer StageCoins OfferedDiscount OfferedTotal PriceSold ThroughType of Investor
Pre-Pre-Sale500,00050%$250,000--Early Vendors (filled)
Pre-Sale (Tranche 1)2,500,00020%$500,000--Invitation Only
Pre-Sale (Tranche 2)10%$0.00--General
General Sale6,000,0000%--General

Use of Funds & Development Timeline

Video Production$1,687,50025%
ICO Marketing Costs$303,7505%
Admin / OpEx$675,00010%
Retained Surplus$607,5009%
Total Raised$6,750,000

Phase I. Research & Marketplace Enhancement

Custom upgrades to WordPress and the various associated content management systems are required to more readily integrate ERC-20 acceptance to our existing research paywall. This is a relatively trivial operation, and shouldn’t take more than 6-8 weeks from concept to completion, once minimal funding goals are completed.

Current level of operations of research and consulting can continue during this time, with discounts on services being offered to those who utilized the token pre-purchase and payment system.

Phase II. – Purchasing & Build-out

A variety of buildout operations need to occur concurrent to the Phase 1 software development. These buildouts will happen on both the OpEx and CapEx side of the business.

Admin Staff
There’s a variety of recruitment and staffing that needs to happen here. Front of house, logistics, accounting. Much of it standard to business, and much of it unique to running a highvolume
production and content house.

Video Production
There’s a known set of staffing and equipment requirements that will flex up and down depending on the workload for the production crew, and how much on-the-road vs. in the home studio production we’ll be doing. Generally, we’ll be recreating the broadcast system and methodology we pioneered for TheCUBE, which allowed for multiple, concurrent live broadcasts that were then live switched and condensed into a primary broadcast channel, with successive broadcast channels that allow viewers to focus on individual events.

For instance, if Crew #1 is at IBM Think, and Crew #2 is at Consensus NYC, and both conferences have overlapping dates, each show will broadcast on their own live channels, but the primary live channel most viewers are tuned to will be mixed down via something called an “ingest management system” at the home base. This will allow for, without downtime, the stream for channel zero to continue non-stop and seamlessly between in-studio, and on the road programming.

We’d want to follow the original editorial buildout plan we pioneered at SiliconANGLE for the most part, which means hiring a bullpen for the news writing, hiring a writing staff for the morning news show, and recruiting key senior editorial staffers for Breaking Analysis-style pieces.

We’ve streamlined and reduced costs associated with our previous newsroom with an internal innovation we’ve developed at Wilco Group called Fuel, which is a workflow management system designed to optimize writing for quality and length.

The initial focus is to get the senior analysts up in place to get our core, recurring reports up and operational, as well as junior analysts that can augment operations and better scale support to large analysis customer bases. Additionally some of the budget is devoted to recruiting key industry analyst talent from existing enterprise firms.

Partners & Clients

Buy Tokens!

Excited and ready to get some Wilcoin for yourself? There are three ways you can purchase. Choose the one that best suits you.

Credit/Debit Card

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get Wilcoin.

Note that some credit card issuers get antsy if you buy “crypto” with your credit card because of the potential for chargeback abuse. Some will even cancel your card/credit account. Be very sure your issuer allows this before using a credit card.


ACH is basically a bank funds transfer with a trusted intermediary. It works very similar to a standard bank account wire. Simple and direct. Requires you to enter your bank account and routing numbers.


Paying for your Wilcoin in cryptocurrency is the most modern and cutting edge way to go. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the most common cryptocurrencies used to pay. Requires your crypto wallet address and in-wallet funds.

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